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PA Guilds [Main WoE/ MVP/ Helper Team]

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PA Guilds [Main WoE/ MVP/ Helper Team]

Post  trixie on February 16th 2009, 11:07 pm

Philippine Alliance : main woe guild fill up application form for invites
Guild Name: Philippine Alliance
Guild Leader:TotoyGwapo`
Guild Level: 48
Guilds men : --

---Guild Alliances----
None atm

---Sub Contacts----
Magtataho III

---WoE Schedules----
Sundays 2:00 am
Mondays 9:00 am
note: WoE FE only

---ALT. GUILDS----
PA Helper Team: para sa mga alalay (warper/buffer/linker/FcP) hanapin niyo nalang si ako o si fredo para sa invite

This is just for the sake of vanity in what FeelRO lost

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